A World, Many May  Disagree with! Yet wish they could think like me and do, what is free to be? But dear not to express! Never know what others may say, huh? I lead, I never follow any one, not even evil home made religions by Humans! To mass control them and feed evil threats to dominate them.

It is time to rip open wide, any and all Global Corruption. We will intervene very soon.

My love and respect for such a beauty of a Queen we needed this era. Pure Heart and Soul of Steel and such pure dedication for her Netherlands People. I honor her work and past presence as a sample, how poor her Country is now defeated to the occupation, by such as Islam, EU and the Globalist Selfish Nazi Regime!

Time to intervene in Global Corruption!

The Truth No Longer Can Be Hidden, "Pleiadian"

Correction of time was at 12:06 a.m.

Time to take control of yourself! Be a Leader, not a Follower. We all had been lied to since Birth. You go to school to get brainwashed, not to learn, nothing. All, what you learn can and may not be adapted in real life, yet you are totally brainwashed! Wake up! Time to work on what you came here for on this planet. All evil people will face the same end as we do, come here with nothing? leave this planet with nothing. No one is better, higher or Superior, then you and I are, Remember that!

Let our Light Bring Love and Security into your life? And destroy all darkness and corruption, in the eye of Our Creator!

USA, will be Governed by the Citizens of the United States of America, One Nation, under God. Behold the US Constitution. And the Bill of Rights!

Warning to Power Hunger Elites, by Colleen Thomas! A must hear and see message! Click on the link, below Trump's picture! (Please Share?)


Mr. President, Donald J. Trump. For the sake of health, safety and prosperity of our Nation. Please, rid of all Islam, UN/NWO,NATO,  and any and all illegal aliens, jail terms for Anti American Politicians, aiding and financing the enemy of the USA! Reinforce the McCarran-Walters act from 1952, to not let any and all Islam allowed in the USA, ready to take over this Nation, Under Islamic Rules and Sharia Law! This is USA and not the Sahara 620 AD. Thank you Sir! One Nation, One Flag, One Language and One Government, representing all US Citizens. For God's sake, get rid of UN and withdraw from NATO. Recall any and all US Military from countries hating Americans anyways, including European Countries, and let them wash their own dirty Laundry. See, that Hillary was wrong, that you can not lower taxes. Yet, a politician knows no numbers, as long as their personal wallet is not used. But by lowering taxes, all unproductive expenses and theft and corruption, will hereby be cut, indefinite.

Ms. Vanessa Feltner is seeking financial donors in building a great project in Kentucky, USA. To make a long story short; Her information and contacts can be seen at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/156574264819681/

Donations can be made, Tax Free to http://PayPal.com under vanessa_feltner@yahoo.com.

This has been her dream for so long to open an animal sanctuary so when a shelter flags a dog or cat for execution, our network of rescuers can contact us and we as a shelter can stop the execution and go get the dog or cat. Or if an owner for any reason needs to give up their dog or cat, they can bring him or her to us.

Here is the link of the property so you can visualize what I'm going to do. If you have any fund raising ideas or can donate to our cause please let me know. At the moment I have a Paypal account I will be using until the non profit is filed. It is under Vanessa_Feltner@yahoo.com.

Here is the link of the property so you can visualize what I'm going to do. If you have any fund raising ideas or can donate to our cause please let me know. 
Thank you for your help! Please share this link to everyone.

Thank you so much!

Is My Honor to Introduce a very Special Angel of Light, in Human Form. Since day One, I admire  her Music,Voice,  High Courage and a Great Trump Supporter. Her fight for Truth and Freedom, is what I admired from her. That is why I want to add her to my website as a personal Thank You, for Her Light Work, here on this Planet! Vanessa Feltner. She can be reached, on her:  
Twitter, @vanessa_feltner

A very proud and happy person, we should all take a sample of. Seeing her with Donald J. Trump, was an awesome accomplishment for her! Best Wishes, Vanessa Feltner, I am your Fan!

The only True Reason of the Malaysian Airline, Flight MH-17 blow up, was totally orchestrated! Yep, CIA/Obama had a time Bomb in the Luggage compartment to blow up over Ukraine, to blame Russia, correct! That was the real and main reason of blowing it up. Missiles hit the heat of the engine, not in the belly of the plane, between the wings? Snow White don't even fall for that excuse! Besides, no passenger planes are allowed to fly over war torn countries, in the First Place!. Was all a set up, so they can blame Russia for it. They were on the way to Melbourne Convention Australia, to pronounce to the world that they had the cure for AIDS!

Click on these words, to read its related True Information, About MA-MH17!

There is only One and Only One Netherlands! The Country I knew from my fore fathers, and no Immigrants changing that status to 620 AD! That is the Republic of The Netherlands, with its own Guilder, (Florin) Valuta and its own Netherlands Constitution. This man is the only man to get these standard rules back to its original Status!

This man is in grave Danger! His fight to save his country, is like the Lone Ranger. For over 12 years, he is trying to tell his Netherlands people, that their country is occupied by Islam, EU and the Globalist Elites! So many Dumb and Pure Blinded People, has no idea, that their occupation weapons are not guns, but RACIST, (Bull Shit), as Weapons, instead. Take an example? Would Arabia build over 12,000 windmills in Arabia on their cost? Let the People of all Islam eat, good Dutch meal, made of delicious Pork Chops and dripping Bacon? No? Well, then I call that being a Racist. Any western country I know, will accept refugees on REAL refugee status, as long as they assimilate with its country, laws, tradition, immigration laws and its heritage. They do not adjust and push their laws and Sharia Laws and all that sort primitive, 620 AD, jokes? Are considered, being an enemy of that State!~ Simple as can be, and will be dealt with as we did for over 1400 years. People will revolt and want their country back! By Peace or Major Ugly Force. Get ready, is already on its way. EU will find its end and Islam will leave Europe, or hell will be created for them! Geert Wilders can be reached through his Twitter, at:

This is a Warning for the Rich Elite and Corrupted Dutch Government. The People are and will always be the Boss, they chose you to represent them? But you became their enemy instead, as you will pay for it as soon as the New Republic of The Netherlands will be established Under President Geert Wilders! Therefore you all will face jail term. For selling your Country to the Highest Bidder!

 @GeertWildersPVV. He will win on March 15, 2017.

Beyond Planet Earth's Evil Power of Destruction

An Important Pleiadian Message to the all Human Mankind! Click on this link! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tke4aIUsjMQ

Stay away from SmartMatic Voting machines, owned by George Soros. Demand Paper Ballot. This Email is proof, in how we are getting screwed, Right under our very Eyes! (New Code Name: The Dogs Are Caught, Ready to be shipped to Jail!)

For the Grace Of Our Saviour Lord Jesus. Chosen Trump to be our new leader. People, get ready to make November 8, a Trump Holiday! Crooked Globalist Elites Deathly Monopoly game will be over instantly!

Netherlands, your country is occupied by Islam, EU, UN and NWO. if you guys don't fight to save your country? Your Guilder Valuta is taken away, your Netherlands Constiution is swept under the rugs, and you guys are still sleeping!  I promise you, it will never be mentioned in history, then being an Islamic Country!   http://aquablauw.com

People, wake up! United Nations is New World Order. Must be destroyed! http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1566.cfm

We, The People, of the United States, are at War against the Globalists Elite and our Crooked, Solid Corrupted Government! It Is Utmost Important to elect Donald J. Trump as our New President, or we will endure a Total Full Scale Civil War, to protect our US Constitution and Bill Of Rights! Please Join Our Trump Support Group at:   https://facebook.com/groups/trump.usa.ceo

Save our Hard Earned US Dollar, to never become the Amero Currency, under the Globalist Elites Plan of a Union of North America! Vote Trump!

Please use the campaign speeches from Obama against Hillary in year 2008, then adapt it to the Trump Campaign now! Obama campaigns for Trump, instead! YouTube search it! You will be surprised what legal criminals are capable to do. Even the one that the words comes out of his mouth. The most devious criminal of them all! Barry Soetoro! http://aquablauw.com

@netanyahu, I dedicate my next page to the love of the people of Israel! (Shalom)

My Freedom Depends on @GeertWilders, (Twitter)

Welcome to my World. The world of reality, not controlled by any man made Religion. But as me and many others feel we should live! Called Freedom!

[ For all you Evil and Greedy People! Remember, your life is very short as mine is! And you will reap, in what you sow, paid by KARMA. Called: Bad Health, not to be repaired by any man made world currency! Simple Math! ]

Let this be a warning for the whole world. These savages are on the war path at the expense of bleeding your social welfare! They are occupying your country, without any declaration of WAR!      http://aquablauw.com

Help Ban Islam Out Of U.K.!   https://www.facebook.com/Ban-islam-in-the-uk-507674065990502/

Japan, is protecting its people. Very Smart move, don't listen to UN/NWO. They are out to kill all Western Civilization!

Dangerous Hillary's Employer: “George Soros is a Hungarian-American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, political activist and author who is of Hungarian-Jewish ancestry and holds dual citizenship. He drives more than 50 global and regional programs and foundations. Soros is named as the architect and sponsor of almost every revolution and coup around the world for the last 25 years. Thanks to him and his puppets USA is thought to be a vampire, not a lighthouse of freedom and democracy. His slaves spill blood of millions and millions people just to make him evenmore rich. Soros is an oligarch sponsoring Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, hundreds of politicians all over the world. This website is designed to let everyone take a look at restricted documents of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and related organisations. It represents workplans, strategies, priorities and other activities of Soros. These documents shed light on one of the most influential network operating worldwide.”

Speaks for itself!

If Clinton Wins, ‘Patriots Are Going To Overthrow The Government’

It shows how inhumane that Bitch Billary really is, and walk away from it like eating lunch!

Wake up guys! Hillary's destruction of the USA! Step By Step!

Time to do Honors to a very special Legal Top Criminal in the USA! http://aquablauw.co.uk

A clear message to our rotten to the core US Government, no longer representing, We The People? Either Trump in the White House, or Face Full Scale Civil War!     https://facebook.com/groups/trump.usa.ceo

We The People Of USA, wants to have the Anti Islam Law, (1952), reinforced! Islam is and will be always Foreign, as well as  Domestic Enemies, according to US Constitution!

Muslims are not visiting your country for a Tea Visit! Muslims are there to stay, bleed your Social Welfare down to the bone, take over your Government system. Implement, Sharia Law and use their Mosques to build up an Arsenal of Heavy Weapons and Armory. If you think, you have Moderate Muslims? Believe me, we must have a Moderate Charles Manson! Either way, we people in America are ready for them, they have not even guts, to declare War On Us! Thanks to Obama and the Liberals. We the American People are ready to arm us to the teeth. Ready to clean these jumping, screaming, pyama and diseased monkees up, once and for ever. For over 1400 years they try to conquer this world. Never happen, never will! Over our dead bodies! http://aquablauw.com

Mr. Winston Churchill, We are prepared to take them on! And we don't play either!

Take this man's advice! This man has warned many of the Danger Of Death Cult Islam!

For people in The Netherlands? Embrace yourself. Why? This man, by the name of, (Twitter), @GeertWilders, may be well, your last strand of survival! Take this with a grain of salt? You all will be peacefully destroyed , by this Mass of nice looking Muslims, you guys are harbouring, while drying up your welfare system, and little by little crawl into your governmental system as well. Look at United Kingdom! Mayor of London? No Mayor of taking over Buckingham Palace! http://aquablauw.com

My deepest respect to an outstanding personality and leader: Nigel Farage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7740W8DPm9A

It speaks for itself. The rest of Europe should follow! http://bbc.co.uk

Nigel Farage, speaks from the heart for us little people, not the Global Elites filthy plan of death and destruction and 1 world government reigned under an iron fist. Listen to this man, what and how he avoid of all this to happen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj4K9fr_WgY

Thank you for visiting our new Internet site. Aquablauw has been known with many of people around the world, since the year 2000. Aquablauw is the Artist in musical endeavors and in many other various artistic exposures. http://facebook.com/aquablauw

At present, our web site is still under construction. We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of offers as soon as possible. Harry Bröker is the artist and musician in elaborating modern Country Rock Music to its self expression and share the to many other great subjects, related to the people all over the world! Please connect to his Twitter for more information he shares, to well known musicians, record labels, politicians and movie stars: http://twitter.com/aquablauw

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If Harry Bröker/Aquablauw, has his songs posted, for your listening pleasure on: http://soundcloud.com/aquablauw

Gosh....I Forgot! Am I happen to be on someone's Satanic Elites Voodoo's list? Due to my straight open minded awakening truth, I share with the people in the World? Get used to it. Is my world Task, before, I ever chose to come to this planet!   http://aquablauw.com

In brief, many of my Friends and Fans all over the Globe has enjoyed my presence and musical aspects. Wanted to thank you all, for such a great support, I enjoyed over the years! http://reverbnation.com/harrybroker

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